The VB-MIC-201 expansion microphone connects with the VB-CAM-201 to extend the microphone pickup range up to 8 meters, offering greater flexibility to accommodate meeting spaces. It ensures that every voice is heard crystal clear and is fitted with a built-in mute button to provide participants in the room with instant privacy at any time.

Superior Sound Control for Maximum Engagement​

Engage fully in your meetings with clear sound quality for elevated communication. The VB-MIC-201 expansion microphone extends the pickup range up to 8 meters when connected to the VB-CAM-201 through a USB cable, providing pristine audio for every participant. Take even greater call control with the illuminated mute button, which provides clear visual feedback whenever calls are muted. ​
Disclaimer: VB-MIC-201 is an optional accessory for all-in-one conference camera (VB-CAM-201), the package does not include ViewSonic all-in-one conference camera (VB-CAM-201) or display panels.​
Superior Sound Control for Maximum Engagement​ 1


I/O 1


    Pick up range: 6m
    Directivity: 360 ° Omnidirectional
    Noise cancellation: Yes
    Micro USB x1
    Windows XP / Windows Vista /Windows 7/ Windows 8/ Windows 10/Linux/Android