4000 Lumens XGA DLP Projector

  • 4000 lumens and a 22000:1 contrast ratio
  • Long lasting lamp life of up to 15000hrs
  • Dual HDMI input and MHL support
  • LAN control support - Crestron, AMX and PJ Link
  • Auto power on


The ViewSonic PG703X is a high brightness XGA projector with 4000 ANSI lumens and a 22,000:1 contrast ratio that projects the finest detail regardless of the amount of ambient light in any medium sized space, such as a meeting room or classroom. The PG703X comes with an energy-saving SuperEco mode that reduces power consumption and extends lamp life to 15,000 hours, reducing the frequency of lamp replacement and lowering maintenance costs. In addition to dual HDMI inputs (MHL), S-Video, and VGA out, the PG703X includes RS232 and LAN connectivity, and is certified by Crestron, AMX and PJ Link networkable solutions, making it easy to control and monitor remotely.

Impressive AudioVisual Performance

Bright Images in Any Environment

Packed with 4,000 lumens of brightness and a 22,000:1 high contrast ratio, the PG703X is guaranteed to produce bright images in any setting, even in spaces with high ambient lighting.

4,000 ANSI Lumens

Fine-Tuned Viewing

Choose from 6 unique preset viewing modes to select the best settings for your usage:

  • Brightest Mode: For environments where the maximum brightness is required
  • Presentation Mode: High-brightness and a high contrast ratio for presentations in brightly lit environments.
  • Standard Mode: Enhanced colour, similar to that of a PC or Notebook, for general viewing.
  • Photo Mode: Natural colour similar to what would be seen in real life for realistic images.
  • Movie Mode: Saturated colour for a better movie watching experience in dark environments.
  • DISCOM SIM Mode: Display multiple high-resolution DICOM-format medical images
6 Colour Modes

Amazing Colour Accuracy

ViewSonic’s proprietary SuperColor™ Technology displays a wide range of visible colour, ensuring that users enjoy stunningly beautiful images.

SuperColor™ Technology

Immersive 3D Viewing

The PG703X is capable of projecting 3D content directly from 3D Blu-Ray players and HDMI-enabled devices such as laptops, tablets, and media players via HDMI port connection.

HDMI 3D Blu-ray

Ease of Use

Dual HDMI input and MHL Support

Equipped with 2 HDMI inputs (one of which is MHL compatible), the PG703X projector allows you to quickly connect laptops, entertainment systems, and mobile devices for a high-definition experience.

Dual HDMI Input
MHL support

Centralised Management

The PG703X is Creston, AMX and PJ Link certified, which means it can be easily controlled and monitored remotely from a PC. IT personnel can manage up to 256 projectors at one time and control operations and scheduling through a LAN IP. An advanced real-time alert system sends status updates about power, lamp life, and unit location for simplified maintenance.

LAN Control

Instant Activation

Get your projector up and running instantly with two simple settings:

  • Direct Power On: Simply connect the power cord and begin; the projector will power itself on automatically.
  • Signal Power On: The projector will power on automatically upon detection of a VGA or HDMI cable connection.


Auto Power On

Useful Monitor Out Port

Connect to additional displays easily via the monitor out port. The PG703X takes connectivity a step further and eliminates the need to purchase additional VGA adaptors.

Monitor Out

Easy Image Correction

Vertical keystone allows you to correct and adjust distorted images with ease for flexible installation.


Time Management Assistance

Our Presentation Timer is an embedded on-screen timer that helps users with time management during presentations. Once a specified time limit has been reached, the projector will notify the presenter with a beep, keeping presentations running on time.

Presentation Timer

Attention Refocusing Capabilities

With the Blank Timer function, presenters can refocus the audience’s attention back onto them by hiding the screen image at different points during a presentation. In addition, Blank Timer can also be used to signal that it is time to take a break.

Blank Timer


Extended Lifespan

When the Power Saving setting is turned on and no signal input is detected, the projector will automatically switch into Eco Mode and SuperEco Mode.

  • Eco Mode: The projector will automatically switch from Normal to Eco Mode whenever it has been left idle for 5 minutes.
  • SuperEco Mode: When the projector has not received an input signal for 20 minutes, projected images are dimmed to 30%, extending the lamp’s lifespan to 15,000 hours on average.


15,000 hoursLifespan

Automatic Sleep Timer

The PG703X’s Sleep Timer function allows you to select a period of inactivity that will determine when the projector should put itself into sleep mode automatically.

Sleep Timer

Auto Power Off

When no signal has been detected, the projector will automatically power off to conserve energy and lamp life.

Auto Power Off

Exterior & Rear I/O Connectors

  1. Keypad
  2. LED indicator
  3. Lamp cover
  4. Security Lock
  5. Zoom/Focus
  6. Front IR
  7. Projection Lens
  8. Audio in/out
  9. HDMI/ MHL
  10. Mini USB for Service
  11. VGA
  12. VGA out
  13. LAN
  14. S-Video
  15. HDMI
  16. RS232
  17. Video
  18. Kensington® Lock Slot

Projection Distance Calculator

Use ViewSonic projection distance calculator to find the best projector installation distance for your environment.
Projection Distance Calculator


    Projection system: 0.55" XGA
    Native Resolution: 1024x768
    DC type: DC3
    Brightness: 4000lm
    Contrast Ratio with SuperEco mode: 22000:1
    Display Colour: 1.07 Billion Colours
    Light Source: Lamp
    Light source life (Nor/SuperEco): 4000/15000
    Lamp Watt: 240W
    Lens: F=2.56-2.68, f=22-24.1 mm
    Projection Offset: 120%+/-5%
    Throw Ratio: 1.96-2.15
    Image size: 30" - 300"
    Throw Distance: 1.19m-13.11m(100" @3.98m)
    Keystone: ±40° (Vertical)
    Optical Zoom: 1.1x
    Audible Noise (Eco): 27dB
    Resolution Support: VGA(640 x 480) to FullHD(1920 x 1080)
    HDTV Compatibility: 480i, 480p, 576i, 576p, 720p, 1080i, 1083p
    Video Compatibility: NTSC, PAL, SECAM
    Horizontal Frequency: 15K~102KHz
    Vertical Scan Rate: 23~120Hz
    Computer in (share with component): 1
    Composite: 1
    S-video: 1
    Audio-in (3.5mm): 1
    HDMI: 1 (Back)
    HDMI/MHL: 1 (Back)
    Monitor out: 1
    Audio out (3.5mm): 1
    Speaker: 10W




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