Product Sheet Relating to the Qualities and Environmental Characteristics

Articles R.541-221 and R.541-222 of the Environmental Code

Supplier’s name or trade mark ViewSonic
Supplier’s address Haaksbergweg 75, 1101 BR, Amsterdam Netherlands
Product Name LCD Display
Model Name VG2748
Model Number VS17351
Product product comprising at least 38% of recycled materials
Packaging packaging comprising at least 92% of recycled materials
Product mostly recyclable product
Packaging 99% fully recyclable packaging
Presence of precious metals Contains at least 1 milligram of precious metals
Presence of rare earths Contains at least 1 milligram of rare earths
Presence of dangerous substances Contains a substance of very high concern: Lead, CAS# 7439-92-1 Boric acid, CAS# 10043-35-3