Product Sheet Relating to the Qualities and Environmental Characteristics

Articles R.541-221 and R.541-222 of the Environmental Code

Supplier’s name or trade mark ViewSonic
Supplier’s address Haaksbergweg 75, 1101 BR, Amsterdam Netherlands
Product Name Commercial Touch Display
Model Name IFP8652-2F
Model Number VS19366
Product product comprising at least 2% of recycled materials
Packaging packaging comprising at least 62% of recycled materials
Product mostly recyclable product
Packaging 96% fully recyclable packaging
Presence of precious metals Contains at least 1 milligram of precious metals
Presence of rare earths Contains at least 1 milligram of rare earths
Presence of dangerous substances Contains a substance of very high concern: Lead, CAS# 7439-92-1 Lead monoxide, CAS# 1317-36-8 Diboron trioxide, CAS# 1303-86-2 Boric acid, CAS# 10043-35-3 Dodecamethylcyclohexasiloxane, CAS# 540-97-6