ViewSonic Launches New Product Lines Notas Pen Display and WoodPad Paper for Distance Learning

Next-generation Solutions to Support the New Normal in Education

Brea, California (October 27st, 2020) ViewSonic Corp., a leading global provider of visual solutions, today announced the launch of the Notas Pen Display and the WoodPad Paper to enhance the experience of distance learning and coping with “the new normal” of the post-pandemic world. These new solutions are to be used as supplementary equipment at home, in the classroom, and highly portable. The Notas Pen Display PD1330 is the thinnest 13.3” pen display featuring a battery-free pen to create, manage and share digital materials. The WoodPad Paper is a user-friendly solution that offers the advantage of digitalized learning notes in real-time.

"As a leader in education technology, ViewSonic has leveraged its forward vision to solve the education challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. With our latest innovative solutions, teachers and students will advance their skill in distance teaching and learning and be able to transit back to school seamlessly,” said Kevin Chu, Director of the Pen Display and Authentication Business Unit, ViewSonic. “The new solutions are also a testament to ViewSonic’s long-term commitment to the education sector, for instance, ViewSonic’s myViewBoard platform provides a highly effective, intuitive, and engaging distance learning experience."

Notas Pen Display– The thinnest 13.3” pen display for Teachers

There are two main challenges teachers are facing in distance teaching - the difficulty of using a mouse to add annotations and the ability to maintain eye contact with students. By using a portable digital whiteboard, teachers are able to write and take notes on the Notas and still keep eye contact with the students as they would in a physical classroom. This new device allows intuitive teaching without changing the teachers’natural behavior.

With a lightweight (0.8 kg) and ultra-thin (7 mm) design, this visual tool transmits course content in a digitalized whiteboard handwriting format directly to each student in the classroom or elsewhere. With these high-level specifications, the product could also be used for professional drawing education.

Teaching materials are displayed accurately onto the digital whiteboard due to its matte LCD with pen pressure levels of 8,192 and +/- 60-degree pen tilt angle for a natural handwriting experience. The 250 pps (point per second) response rate minimizes latency - less than 26 ms. Moreover, the battery-free pen is specifically designed to allow for precise yet diverse handwriting of text, math formulas, and other common teaching content.

To provide a better user experience, the Notas also features six user-defined hotkeys. Teachers could set up shortcuts for functions they use most often, like “Eraser” or “Recovery.” Thanks to the one cable USB Type-C support, the Notas could be easily set up to keep your desktop clean and tidy.

WoodPad Paper- A user-friendly Tool for Digitalizing Classroom Notes

The WoodPad Paper is designed to help teachers and students digitize notes in real-time synchronization, comes with a drawing pad and battery-free pen. The device works with a variety types of paper, from sticky notes to yellow legal notepads, with up to 1 cm thickness.

It also complies with international D1 pens while changing strokes and colors on different software platforms.

Ideal as a complement to non-touch notebooks, the WoodPad Paper offers 4,096 pen pressure levels, a +/- 60-degree pen tilt angle, and a 5,080 LPI resolution on a 7.5’’ writing surface to create precise handwriting into a digital format for easier management and storage.

For more excellent usability and versatility, the USB-powered WoodPad Paper eliminates battery replacement problems and offers broad compatibility with Windows, Mac OS, and Chrome OS.