Cooler Master Case Mod World Series ViewSonic Monitor Mod

by Max Carter September 7, 2018

ViewSonic Supports with the Monitor Mod Award

The Cooler Master Case Mod World Series is back! PC enthusiasts are back, too, and they are bringing with them a whole new batch of mind-blowing, elaborate case modifications.

Ulrich proved he is as creative as he is skilled as a craftsman.

If you don’t know what the Cooler Master Case Mod World Series is, it might be easier just to show you. This is what one modder did with his ViewSonic XG2402 monitor:

Yep, that is a fully functional monitor with a mouse and keyboard.

In fact, this case mod is equipped with additional mechanics, too.

When building his Star Wars themed cockpit, the modder, Stefan Ulrich (also known as random2k4), installed mechanical switches and keys that operate motors which control different features of the mod. For example, one of the

switches he installed activates a motor that releases the keyboard from the cockpit’s dash.

Pretty cool, huh?

With this intricately designed mod, Ulrich proved he is as creative as he is skilled as a craftsman.

And that is what the Cooler Master Case Mod World Series 2018 is all about. Contestants get to showcase their skill and ingenuity for a chance at winning several different cash prizes and awards for building unique case mods.

ViewSonic will be awarding 2 contestants with $1000 each.

This year, more categories and prizes were added to the table, with a total prize pool is $15,000. The two categories of builds are Tower Mod (mods built using pre-existing cases) and Scratch Mod (mods built without the use of pre-existing cases).

ViewSonic awarded 2 contestants with $1000 each for case mods involving a Viewsonic monitor (in either the Tower Mod or Scratch Mod category). The “Best of ViewSonic” winner was chosen by the ViewSonic team, while the “ViewSonic Community” award was chosen by the people in a public vote.

You can follow the modder’s step-by-step process.

You can check out all of the incredible ViewSonic monitor mod entries and view their work logs detailing the process by clicking the following link:

This year, the winner of the $1,000 “Best of ViewSonic” award was random2k4’s Starwars monitor mod, while TantricmodZ’s Viewsonic XG2402 TUF monitor mod won the $1,000 “ViewSonic Community award”.

 (random2k4’s Starwars ) ( TantricmodZ’s Viewsonic XG2402 TUF)

With so many spectacular designs to choose from, voting was not an easy task, and ViewSonic would like to thank Cooler Master and all of the contestants for their extraordinary designs.

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