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ViewSonic Classroom

The ViewSonic® Classroom™ app is an online teaching tool packed with a variety of features to help you create and manage a classroom environment in the digital space. It connects you to your students wherever they may be.

a group video call on a computer monitora group video call on a computer monitor

Simplified Classroom Management

Classroom management is one of a teacher’s most important tasks, but it’s a never-ending challenge. ViewSonic Classroom is a tool that streamlines everything from taking attendance and facilitating collaboration, to keeping students on task or sharing lesson materials – all from the Teacher Dashboard.

Improved Engagement

Students learn as much from each other as they do their teacher. ViewSonic Classroom provides a Huddle feature that allows students to chat, present and interact even if they are not physically present in the classroom. Meanwhile, teachers can switch between presenter view and joining Huddles at the touch of a button.

a children's activity on a laptop screena children's activity on a laptop screen
someone using a dual screen setup with a laptopsomeone using a dual screen setup with a laptop

Synchronous Learning

Built-in one-way video streaming allows students to see teachers; but to protect their privacy, students are not shown on camera to the rest of the class. Audio conferencing and live chat also help maximize student engagement.

Easily Import Existing Teaching Materials

ViewSonic Classroom allows teachers to easily import existing lessons, media files, interactive elements, and gamification content from your cloud drive to the canvas. With just a few simple clicks, teachers can upload files such as Google Slides, PowerPoint, .notebook, and .flipchart. This allows busy teachers like you to immediately reuse and leverage existing lessons without any lost content.

an application on a computer monitoran application on a computer monitor
students raiding their hands in a classroomstudents raiding their hands in a classroom

Explore ViewSonic Classroom

ViewSonic Classroom also provides a Huddles feature that boosts engagement and enables students to chat, interact and present work to the entire class. To see all of the other cool features in ViewSonic Classroom, click the link below.