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Key Features
  • Easy-to-install projector adapter plate
  • Replacement solution for Promethean projectors
PJ-IWBADP-005 Right
Product Description
With the ViewSonic® PJ-IWBADP-005 Adapter Plate, you can easily install select ViewSonic projectors on the existing mounts of Promethean projector models EST-P1. This allows you to easily upgrade and replace outdated Promethean projectors and still utilize your existing interactive whiteboard.
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  • Mount:
    Compatible Projectors:PS700X, PS700W
    Compatible With:Promethean EST-P1, Promethean UST-P1
  • Weight (imperial):
    Gross (lbs):6.0
  • General:
    PACKAGE CONTENTS: 4-4mm x 10mm PHMS, 2-1/4-20 x 1/2" Carriage Bolts, 2-1/4-20 Hex Nuts, 2-1/4" Washers, 4-1/4-20 x 3/8" THMS, 4-4mm x 16mm PHMS, 8-#10 Washers, 4-#10 Spacers
    UPC: 766907978315
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