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Key Features
  • Mobile Device Management
  • Mobile Application Management
  • Mobile Content Management
  • Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)
  • Mobile Identity Management
  • Android Wearable Management
Product Description
42Gears SureMDM is an intuitive and powerful enterprise mobility management (EMM) solution for Android, iOS, Chrome, Linux and Windows platforms. You can secure, monitor and manage company and employee owned devices. SureMDM incorporates Mobile Application Management, Mobile Device Management and Mobile Content Management to fulfill all your EMM requirements. The SW-074-2 includes 42Gears SureMDM On-Premise Dual OS License (Android + Windows) and first year support for 1 device (the user's own server is required).
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    CDE5010, CDE5510, CDE6510, CDE7500, CDE8600, CDM4300R, CDM4300T, CDM4900R, CDM5500R, CDM5500T, EP1042T, EP3220T, EP4320, EP5520, EP5520T, IFP5550, IFP5550-2, IFP5550-E1, IFP5550-E2, IFP5550-E3, IFP5550-M1, IFP5550-M2, IFP6550, IFP6550-2, IFP6550-E1, IFP6550-E3, IFP6550-M1, IFP6550-M2, IFP6560, IFP6560-S, IFP6570, IFP7500, IFP7550, IFP7550-2, IFP7550-E1, IFP7550-E2, IFP7550-M1, IFP7550-M2, IFP7560, IFP8650, IFP8650-2, IFP8650-E2, IFP8650-M1, IFP8650-M2, IFP8670, NMP620-P10, NMP620-P10X, NMP660, NMP709-P10_1, NMP709-P10_3, NMP709-P10_5, VSD242-BKA-US0, VSD243-BKA-US0, VSD243-BKA-US0-S