What inputs are supported on the Interactive Flat Panels?

The available inputs vary from model to model but in general, the displays will have HDMI and VGA ports.  Some models have Display Ports. Please check the product page of your specific model on our website for more information.

What is the different between OTA and USB drive firmware upgrade on IFP/CDE/EP?

If you use OTA to upgrade the firmware, the IFP will keep all settings and data, it can possibly take a long time to download the upgrade file. If you use a USB drive to upgrade the firmware, the IFP will reset all settings to default and delete all data; however you can download the upgrade file faster (from the ViewSonic website).

How to avoid interference between USB 3.0 and 2.4GHz wireless devices?

With the upgrade of USB versions from 2.0 to 3.0 or later, transmission efficiency has significantly improved. USB 3.0 and later versions utilize spread spectrum clocking to boost transmission rates, which generates 2.4GHz signals near the USB port. This may cause interference with wireless transmitters and Bluetooth receivers operating on the ...

How do I configure microphone setting in IFP2410/VSD243 to work with Zoom app?

To configure the IFP2410/VSD243 microphone to work with Zoom, there is a setting in Zoom Settings called “Use Original Sound” (see images below) that will need to be enabled.    According to Zoom’s website, Original Sound is supposed to only suppress background noises, such as keyboard tapping, crunching paper, fan noise, etc.   In the ...

Why Google Play store is not found on IFP?

The IFP Series does not have the Google Play store and it can't be installed.  This is because the IFP Series not being GMS certified, therefore it will not support Google services. However, with the IFP Series you can install APK files (apps) manually by the following steps, 1. Go to: Settings > Security. 2. To allow APK file...

How to format a USB Drive to FAT32?

Please refer to this video: NOTE: FAT32 file system will only be an available option for USB drives up to 8GB.          

What kind of HDMI cable do I need for long distance connection?

It is highly recommended to use Active HDMI or HDMI Premium certified cable.

Connect an antennae to commercial display

ViewSonic Commercial Displays do not support antenna or coaxial cable connection.

Is it possible to remove the preloaded Apps?

No, the preloaded Apps can't be removed.

Does ViewSonic offer free training to end-users on how to use their Interactive Flat Displays?

You can sign up for ViewSonic’s ViewSchoolsm online where you can watch Self-Guided videos, join live training events, and request On-Site Training.  For more information, please visit our US website and click on Programs or directly access below link. https://www.viewsonic.com/viewschool/

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