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Key Features
  • Hands-on Training
  • Customized Lessons
  • Compatible with Multiple Operating Systems
Product Description
ViewSonic provides On-site Professional Development training to help educators optimize their ViewBoard display and myViewBoard software. Hosted by a ViewSonic Authorized Trainer, this 6-hour session is customized based on grade level and subject matter. Through a series of lessons and hands-on activities, participants develop the necessary skills to create their own lessons, and gain the confidence to immediately apply this training in the classroom.
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    CDE6561T, CDE6561T-R, CDE6561T-S, CDE7061T, CDE7061T-R, CDE7561T, CDE7561T-R, CDE8452T, IFP5550, IFP6550, IFP6550-S, IFP6560, IFP7550, IFP7560, IFP8650