#BookSnaps with Google Slides

#BookSnaps are digital, visual representations of learning that showcase student voice and choice. #BookSnaps can be used at any grade level and for any subject. With that in mind, I would like to introduce a collaborative way to share and curate #BookSnaps using Google Slides.

When creating #BookSnaps in Google Slides, students can pull images from the web, create their own pictures via selfies, add text and annotation, think bubbles, Bitmojis, emojis, and they can collaborate with others. It's a "student-voice" WIN, for sure!

It's As Easy As 1-2-3

  1. Set up a Google Slideshow with blank slides--one per student in your class.
  2. Have each student take a slide, and create a BookSnap of their key takeaways from a novel or any content (subject) taught that day. (#MathSnaps, #ScienceSnaps, #PoetrySnaps, etc.) See the video below for details.
  3. The great thing about Google Slides is it allows students to collaborate and comment on the work of others. After creating, have the students comment on one of the #BookSnaps and share their feedback about the content.

Digital Citizenship

Not only are students now peeking into the minds of their peers via #BookSnaps, but they are inquiring and engaging in critical feedback and rich discussions--digitally. No doubt, this activity might require a “digital citizenship” pep-talk before and possibly during implementation, but where else will our students learn how to interact in such a way?

A Few Suggestions For #BookSnaps via Google Slides

  • Reflection after a lesson to check for understanding - #MathSnaps, #ScienceSnaps, #BookSnaps, etc.
  • Independent Reading or Station Activity (#BookSnaps Reflections Station)
  • Collaborative storytelling of key highlights from a novel or story
  • A great alternative for "reading logs"
  • Alternative "jigsaw" reading activity - Each person creates a #BookSnap of their learning
  • 21st Century Book Reports - Give your #BookSnaps a voice. See #BookSnaps Speak here.


After each student creates their #BookSnaps slide, you might play the slideshow of #BookSnaps for the students as they are entering class the next day. I usually add music to it and have the snaps scrolling as they are unpacking or transitioning between classes. Publishing their work serves as a review and allows their thinking to be recognized by their peers.

More Ideas for #BookSnaps Google Slideshow Sharing:

  • Parent-teacher nights
  • "View only" link in school newsletters
  • Publish to the school’s big screen in the front lobby
  • Globally share on Twitter or other social media outlets

The options are endless.


Google Apps are available in most school districts around the world. However, any app that allows the user to take an image, use text or drawing for annotation, and create a visual representation with visuals, stickers, emojis and/or Bitmojis will serve as a #BookSnaps app.

Let's Create #BookSnaps in Google Slides by watching this How-To Video!

Featuring The Isolate /n./ by Rick Jetter

Visit the "Resource" tab on tarammartin.com and #BookSnaps-- column to the left. There are infographics, how-to videos, storytelling ideas, and so much more.

Tara M. Martin - Educator for the Lawrence Public School District USD 497
Twitter: @TaraMartinEDU, Blog: http://www.tarammartin.com/