Boost Your Classroom Management with Classroom Screen

Technology in the classroom does not automatically solve all management problems. In fact, I believe that technology amplifies “good” classroom management and magnifies “poor” classroom management. Recently, I was introduced to a new resource that I feel will help to promote student independence and streamline classroom management for educators. It is called Classroom Screen, a web-based tool created by a teacher from the Netherlands.

Classroom Screen allows educators to design and project a digiboard filled with a variety of widgets that promote student independence and classroom management. When students walk into the classroom, no longer do they have to wait for the teacher to begin learning. Instead, students can share links, randomly choose student names, set a timer, or display a QR code.

Available Widgets:

  • Language - Choose from an extensive list of languages available in which to share text.
  • Background - The screen becomes your canvas. Upload an image from your device or pick one from the multiple options available.
  • Random Name/Roll the Dice - This widget allows teachers to enter class names and choose one at random. It also doubles as a “Roll the Dice” widget with a click of a button, perfect for class or group activities.
  • Sound Level - Using the internal microphone, this widget helps students self-monitor noise level in the classroom to ensure a productive environment for all.
  • QR - Provide extended learning, a link to a resource, or a video for extra support. Enter a link in the widget and a QR code is automatically generated.
  • Drawing - Use the full screen option to replace the background of the screen with graph paper, directions, or other drawings you create. Or, use the smaller Drawing widget to add a drawing to your screen. Multiple widths and colors are available to use.
  • Text - Add learning objectives, share directions, or write a reminder. The text widget allows you to have a space for all of these needs.
  • Work Symbols - Depending on needs of the classroom, teachers can use the work symbols widget to signal what type of work is to be done. Multiple options include: work together, ask a neighbor, whisper, and silence. This helps to set clear expectations for students.
  • Traffic Light - Equipped with a Red, Yellow, and Green light, the traffic light widget can be used to let students know how much time is left, when to begin, or when to start wrapping things up without an intrusive announcement.
  • Timer - Count up or count down, record “laps”, and use different visual modes with the timer widget. Perfect for bell ringers, discussions, and group work. Maximize all of the time in the classroom by keeping track of time used for each task. Bonus, when the time is up, a bell chimes to provide an audio signal as well.
  • Clock - This simple and straightforward widget provides students with the current time and date. Clock display allows for 12 or 24-hour readings. Help minimize disruptions by students asking for the date or time and add this to every screen you create.
  • Exit Poll - A new option on Classroom Screen allows the teacher to create a quick formative assessment and receive feedback from students. Help target your instruction based on student understanding.

Classroom Screen is a free resource that is versatile enough to work in any grade and across multiple disciplines. While it won’t solve all classroom management issues, it does provide support for teachers in the form of widgets to display. Deciding what to use forces teachers to think about their students, their lesson, and needs to make the classroom a functional and independent learning environment.

Shaelynn Farnsworth, Education Service Consultant, Iowa
Twitter: @shfarnsworth Blog: