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Tech tools or Web 2.0 tools, is transforming our work as educators, and more specifically the way we support students in the classroom. As schools bring more technology into their classrooms, teachers will in turn work to put more technology in the hands of their students. That is, if they feel comfortable doing so.

As a new principal, one of the first encounters I had was an angry parent. The parent entered the school office, visibly upset, and demanded to speak to the principal. I invited her into my office to get to the heart of the matter, once calmed down, she informed me that one of my teachers had failed to communicate a concern regarding her child. Our student had gone home to tell their parent they were upset with their teacher and had continued to go unresolved. I knew immediately that this required immediate change. As the meeting wrapped up, the first line of action I took was to inform my teachers the importance of early communication with students and their parents. This is the key to building stronger and positive relationships. We made a commitment as a staff to communicate promptly and with integrity to our students and their parents to avoid any miscommunication that lies down the road.