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Google has created a wonderful certification process that allows you to scaffold your learning. For instance, you don’t have to be a first adopter or a guru of all tools and all things Google to become certified. And with so many programs, features, and ongoing updates I have not met one person that knows EVERYTHING about Google, because Google is always changing features to better enhance the user experience -- which is what makes Google such a great classroom tool.

In a previous post, I wrote about drones making their way into classrooms. Here, I’ll expand on that idea and dig deeper into how drones can impact curriculum in primary classrooms. Yes, these tools are useful simply for engagement, but they can also bring real learning substance to the classroom.

The extent to which drones (often referred to as quadcopters or UAS - Unmanned Aircraft Systems) have influenced our world over the past couple of years is truly amazing. While much of the press they’ve received is negative and has reduced them to toy status, I believe these devices can be valuable teaching tools with the ability to provide our students with many learning opportunities, as well as skill development for the jobs of tomorrow.