How many monitors can I connect when utilizing the Daisychain connection?

VP2468 supports up to four FHD in Daisy Chain connections.

Why isn’t the monitor displaying anything after I plug in my DisplayPort input?

Please make sure your DisplayPort input is connected to the monitor DisplayPort port or mini DisplayPort port, and not to the DisplayPort output port.  If you are using DisplayPort 1.1, please follow these steps “Menu >> Setup Menu >> DisplayPort 1.2 Off”.

Minor image retention may occur when a static image is displayed on the screen for extended periods of time.

This is a normal occurrence for In-Plane Switching (IPS) monitor panels. The longer an image is left static on the screen, the more noticeable image retention will be.  In order to prevent image retention, enable the screen saver function on your monitor so that images are not static on your screen for extended periods of time.

How to check the monitor’s current firmware version?

Please navigate to OSD -> Setup Menu -> Information, where you will see your current firmware version. For VP2468 versions M001 and M002, this function is not supported. If the firmware version is not present in the Information page, please update to version M010 or later.

Do the VP2468’s USB ports support Apple device power charging?

The 4 USB ports support 5V 900mA Apple device power charging. The fourth downstream USB port can support device charging while the display is on “standby mode”, but all other ports will only charge devices while the display is “on”.

Do VP series monitors support an Apple MAC Thunderbolt connection?

Thunderbolt connections are compatible with the DisplayPort standard; you can use a mini DisplayPort cable to connect between your Apple MAC Thunderbolt connector and a VP series monitor DisplayPort input.

How to update my monitor’s firmware?

Please visit to download the latest firmware update tool. Before using the update tool, ensure that the included USB cable is connected from the monitor’s USB upstream port to a USB port on the computer.

Why doesn’t the firmware update tool detect my monitor while it is powered on and the USB connection is present?

Please make sure to use “FW_Update_Tool_v1.07”. Please follow the step by step instructions below to resolve the problem. When the program is initialized, the error message shown below will appear. A Windows error message might also pop up few seconds later. Please close the program and the error messages, then follow the instructions below to resolve the issue. 1. Open the File Explorer application and navigate into the WINDOWS folder. 2. Locate the search bar at the top right corner of the File Explorer pane. 3. Type in "rtsupx.sys" into the search bar. 4. The search will start displaying matching results. 5. Delete the file "rtsupx.sys" file that was found. 6. Click the “Continue” button when the system prompts for administrator permission to delete this file. 7. Download “FW_Update_Tool_v1.07” or the latest version of the update tool. Once downloaded, launch the setup file and follow the on-screen instructions to install the software. Now, you will have the ability to properly detect the monitor and perform any necessary firmware updates.

How do I enable 4K resolution with a 60Hz refresh rate via USB Type-C?

To enable 4K at 60Hz over USB, go into the OSD Setup Menu -> Select ‘"SB 3.1" -> Select "Turn Off".   * Using USB Type-C to display 4K resolution at a refresh rate of 60Hz requires you to turn off USB 3.1. ** Current only the following VP monitors support 4K at 60Hz via USB Type-C: - VP2785-4K  - VP3881

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