How can I fix EP5520T into floor?

Please refer the attachment. Attachment URL:

How to check whether vSignage can sync with others players and see the campaign?

If you are unable to sync the contents, there may be a connection issue.    To verify if the admin is sync with the player, there is a JSON API in vSignage. 1. First make sure your windows firewall setting has allow vSigange to access. 2. Please use this API to check if source player see any other players and campaign. Open the Chrome br...

Does my e-Poster Support Power Point presentations?

ViewSonic e-Posters do not support Power Point presentations natively.  There are 3 ways to achieve this purpose. 1.Use vSignage:   Models like EP4320/EP5520/EP5520T/EP5540/EP5540T have built in the vSignage. You are able to use the power point widget to publish your power point file from the computer to the e-Posters.   2. Connect a...

Can an antenna be connected to a commercial display?

ViewSonic Commercial Displays do not support antenna or coaxial cable connection.

The image is distorted from NMP-302w HDMI out, how can I do?

You can refer below steps to check the issue. 1. To reset the NMP-302w. 2. To replace the HDMI(extension) cable. If above steps can't solve the issue, it will be NMP-302w mainboard issue, you need to replace NMP-302w.

How to use ADB tool commend to get a vSignage player screen shoot?

Download ADB from 1. Run cmd commend and go to the adb save folder that connect to device via Adb over TCP, if use Adb wire, skip this step     adb connect {ip} for example:  adb connect 2. Take screen shot and save to device     adb shell screencap -p /sdcard...

Why my EP5520T touch unstable? I place it near window.

EP5520T uses IR touch module, the sunlight will cause IR touch module abnormal, please place your EP5520T far away from sunlight.

What's the Signage Manager newest version? How can I update it?

You can click "Help"-->"Check update" in Tool bar to check is your Signage Manager newest or not, if not, you can click "Download" to update your Signage Manager.

How to calibrate touch function on IFP/EP in Win 10?

Please follow below steps:   Click Start and then Control Panel, and next Hardware and Sound. Under Tablet PC Settings, tap Calibrate the screen for pen or touch input.     On the Display tab, under Display options, tap Calibrate and then Yes to allow the program to make changes.       4.Select the Touch input option.     ...

Where to apply Sigange Manager and vSigange Weather API key

Apply web URL 

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