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Switch to Real Interaction and Engagement

The ViewBoard Mini interactive display allows for the combination of a display, a projector, and a digital whiteboard suite. In turn, this blend produces a display that offers intuitive touch function, large image projection, and universal access in order to bring effortless, front-facing instruction to the classroom.


Touch Display

Cloud-based Software

You can do everything in one space. I don’t need to go in and out and in and out, and then go to the board and come back. I can just mark it and check it, and the kids can see it in one place; so for me, it saves time. It’s easier, I think, and the kids like it better.

– Yu-Tsai Bilingual Elementary School

Switch from Back to Front-Facing Learning

The ViewBoard Mini IFP2710 provides a front-facing interactive display solution, allowing the presenter to face the audience while annotating on slides – all done without back facing the audience. Not only that, it allows the presenter to be in full control of the presentation, creating interaction and eye contact with the audience for total engagement.

Switch to Dynamic Learning

ViewBoard Mini IFP2710 , your 27" touch display, offers 10-point multi-touch functionality and Windows gesture support for an intuitive touch experience. Make annotations via interactive pen support, handwriting, drawing, and more. Adding swivel and flat ergonomic design, bringing a new dynamic for teachers and students to simultaneously annotate materials and interact.

Switch to Scalable Projection Size

With a ViewBoard Mini IFP2710 and projector setting, images can easily be projected over 100 inches, meaning that all content on the display and annotations can be transferred directly onto a larger display.

Switch to a Single Wire Connection

ViewBoard Mini interactive display solution does not require any interactive module for installation. All you need is the ViewBoard Mini IFP2710 interactive display and connect it with a single LAN cable and HDBT receiver (optional HDR100) to the existing projector. Installation made easy and signal transmission is steadier than conventional HDMI connection.

Switch to a Plug and Play Solution

Unlike old interactive projectors that require calibration for touch accuracy, ViewBoard Mini interactive display solution uses an interactive display for touch control that eliminates the calibration process. The presenter can still use familiar software or tools for presentations; ViewBoard Mini interactive display solution just adds another dimension to provide you with the interactive and intuitive experience.

No Driver Required

No Calibration Required

Switch to Digital Whiteboarding in the Cloud

myViewBoard for Windows is the perfect tool to boost your digital whiteboarding experience. It enables presenters to access cloud storage files for presentations, annotate with a wide range of functionalities, and save files directly to the cloud. Even more, audiences can cast their content to the big screen via for engaging group discussions.

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