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How to Mobilize an Interactive Classroom

ViewSonic Motorized Trolley

What you'll need

What you’ll need for a mobile and versatile interactive front-of-classroom display:

  • ViewSonic® LB-STND-005-3 Motorized Trolley Cart
  • ViewSonic 55”– 86” Interactive ViewBoard® or any 55” – 98” VESA mountable display:



You understand the benefits of interactive front-of-classroom displays, but are worried that your youngest learners may find it difficult to view or reach the large screen from their particular vantage points. Or, your school only has the budget for a single display, but you can’t justify wall-mounting a display for the use of only a single classroom. Is there a cost-effective, flexible way to make interactive displays available to multiple groups of different users?


Featuring smooth, electrical motorized lift and tilt, the ViewSonic LB-STND-005-3 motorized trolley cart raises, lowers and tilts with ease to create optimal viewing conditions for any group of students. Tilt just a bit for customized viewing, tilt a bit more for a drafting table feel, or position horizontally to create an interactive learning table that’s ideal for your youngest users.

This heavy-duty mobile cart enables schools to efficiently share display resources among classrooms – while also delivering greater-than-ever flexibility while their displays are in use.

Durable, and easy to transport, with large lockable nylon casters, this workhorse stand securely accommodates ViewSonic 55” to 84” interactive ViewBoards, or any display weighing up to 264 lbs.

An integrated RFID remote makes controlling content easy from virtually anywhere in the room, while the integrated physical button control comes in handy in the event the remote controller is misplaced.

Durable steel construction ensures years of useful life while the rounded corners guard against bumps and bruises for enhanced safety.

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