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How to Double the Lumens of Your Pro Projection Installation

For a Fraction of the Cost

What you'll need

What you’ll need to double your lumens output for less cost:

  • (Optional) HDbaseT Transmitter/Receiver

You’ve read that a projector with 10,000+ lumens would be best for your boardroom, training room, lecture hall, auditorium, or other large venue application, but ultra-high brightness projectors are so expensive. Is there a more cost-effective alternative?


Viewsync3In large spaces, when you want lighting for better eye contact or note-taking, or when ambient light is difficult to control, projector brightness can make all the difference in content clarity.  As a rule, however, the higher the lumens the higher the cost, particularly with pro installation projectors, which typically start around $20k and go as high as $70k.

ViewSonic Pro9 Series projectors let you achieve up to 12,000 lumens for a fraction of the cost. With single model high brightness up to 6,200 lumens, Pro9 Series projectors are designed to facilitate stacked installation of two projectors, aggregating their brightness to deliver up to 12,000 lumens. This makes them an ideal, cost-effective solution for:

  • Large spaces with large audiences, such as auditoriums
  • Open office/classroom settings where lights can’t be dimmed
  • Facilitating discussion and collaboration in a well-lit space
  • Keeping spaces bright enough for audience note taking
  • Enabling open windows during daylight hours
  • Other conditions with bright ambient light

To further facilitate ease of install and assist with tough install challenges, ViewSonic Pro9 Series professional installation projectors also feature two-axis lens shift, a centered lens, and a large throw range.

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