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ViewSync Projectores


ViewSonic® ViewSync® projectors offer superior connectivity options for added convenience and flexibility. Present and project content any way you like - display presentations over a wired or wireless LAN, via USB port, directly from a USB flash drive, or from your smart phone or tablet using a mobile app.

Flexible and Versatile Projection with wireless dongle, wired LAN, and Plug’n’ Play USB

With ViewSync® Advanced Connect Technology, ViewSonic offers superior connectivity options for added convenience and flexibility. Present and project content any way you like—display presentations over wireless dongle*, wired LAN, via USB cable, directly from a USB flash drive, or from smartphones and tablets using a mobile app. It is ideal for use in business and educational environments.
* Optional WPD-100 is required.

Compatible with iOS and Android Operating System Mobile Devices*

get VPresenter on your Andriod or Apple phone
get VPresenter on your Andriod phone

get VPresenter on your Apple phone

ViewSonic’s ViewSync® Advanced Connect Technology not only offers wireless* & wired LAN display capability for both Windows and Mac laptops, it also supports our vPresenter app** on iOS and Android*** mobile devices. ViewSonic projectors equipped with ViewSync® Advanced Connect Technology enable users to utilize any mobile device to connect to a projector and run the presentation—ideal for use in business and educational environments.
* Optional WPD-100 is required
** Visit Google Play or the App Store for more details
*** Android 4.0 or higher

Live Draw, and Live Cam with Projection

With ViewSonic’s exclusive mobile app “vPresenter”, users have the ability to draw, annotate or write on the projected image and save the content from their smart phones or tablets. Moreover, the vPresenter APP can turn the mobile device into a document camera for projecting objects onto your projection screen.

PC-less Presentation

Users can jump start their presentations without waiting for a PC to boot up. With USB input ports and Office Reader, users can display presentations or content directly from a USB flash drive. ViewSonic projectors with ViewSync® Advanced Connect Technology enable users to open any documents stored on their USB including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF and other formats. This resourceful design also supports a diverse range of multimedia formats for music, videos and images.

Up to Four Projection Images on One Screen

ViewSonic’s ViewSync® Advanced Connect Technology can simultaneously display content from up to four PCs, with the ability to assign PCs to any of the four display quadrants. Plus, users can connect their PC to a projector located in a different room and simply connect over the same area network.

HDMI for High Definition Inputs

HDMI delivers the highest picture and sound quality available without degradation. Equipped with the latest HDMI, ViewSonic's projectors with ViewSync® Advanced Connect Technology can output Full HD 1080p video and true digital audio. It's perfect for connecting to HDMI-enabled projectors, large-format displays and desktop monitors.

Intuitive user-interface makes functions easier to use

Our ViewSync® projectors have intuitively designed user interfaces with on-screen tutorials to guide you to a superior user experience. Now you can get the most out of powerful functions such as vPresenter apps for PCs and mobile devices, as well as USB Display, LAN Display and integrated USB Media Player.

Efficient Network Control

Complete network control systems are perfectly integrated, including Crestron RoomView, AMX and PJLink. This enables a PC to remotely manage up to 250 projectors through RJ45. This network monitor management system provides an automatic power-on and advanced real-time alert system that can track the power and lamp lifespan of all networked projectors. Crestron RoomView Network Control is an efficient and easy way to maintain software—ideal for large scale operations such as educational institutes and businesses.

DynamicEco™ intelligent design Save up to 70% on power consumption

With the DynamicEco button on the remote control, users can take command of presentations by dimming the screen brightness by 70%. This feature is auto-activated whenever the projector is idle—allowing users to easily shift the audience’s focus away from the presentation and back to the presenter when the projector is not in use. When DynamicEco is activated, the lamp’s power consumption is significantly reduced—a great energy-saving design that lowers the total cost of ownership (TCO).

15,000:1 High Contrast Ratio for Sharp Color Performance

Equipped with enhanced contrast ratio of 15,000:1, providing ultra-sharp color performance. The expanded grayscale offers an accurate reproduction of images, with vibrant and detailed color effects for text and graphic content.

DLP Link 3D Ready Technology

With support for DLP® Link technology, users have amazing 3D capability at their disposal. All that’s required to unlock the 3D power of ViewSonic 3D-ready projectors are ViewSonic 3D active shutter glasses, 3D content, and a 3D-enabled video card. Unleash a vivid 3D experience with ViewSonic today.

1.6X Optical Zoom Lens Bring the Perfect Visual Effect

Equipped with a 1.6x optical zoom lens, ViewSonic’s projectors provide installation and mounting flexibility with a wider throw distance range. This zoom lens also enables the projector to project images up to 50% larger than a conventional projector equipped with a 1.1x lens.

Built-in 16W Speaker with High Quality Sound Effect

ViewSonic projectors include a pair of powerful built-in 16W speakers, as well as a microphone input. These generate high quality, amplified sound that is projected to every corner of an open space, without requiring external devices. This enhances the delivery of school lectures and business presentations.

DICOM Mode Technology

With support for the latest DICOM SIM (Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine) standard, it is able to display multiple screens of X-rays, sonograms and nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) images. Whether for medical or educational applications, ViewSonic projectors deliver the most accurate and detailed images for any healthcare environment.

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