What are the system requirements for running myViewBoard for Windows?

Here are our system requirements for myViewBoard on Windows: myViewBoard system minimum requirements Processor:  Intel Core i5 x86 CPU RAM: 8 GB OS System: Windows 10 Pro Disk Memory: SSD   For more information, see the myViewBoard wiki: https://wiki.myviewboard.com/MyViewBoard_for_Windows

Which web browser is the best for running myViewBoard.com?

It is suggested that you use Google Chrome Browser with myViewBoard.com as most features are only available on Chrome.

Why is Chrome required?

myViewBoard uses WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communication) API to achieve screen sharing across various platforms such as Chromebook, PC, and Mac. Currently this can only be supported on Chrome.

How to request a file conversion

1.Select the File Conversion Request tile on the myViewBoard interface 2.Upload your file (accepted files: .flipchart, .notebook, . enb)                      IMPORTANT:   1.Flash and animations will not be converted.  2.Exclusive proprietary features from SMART will not be converted. 3.Time needed for conversion varies, depending on complexity; once conversion is completed, the requester will receive an email confirmation with link to download file.

After signing In, myViewBoard.com stays on the sign-in screen.

This issue may be due to the following: You may be experiencing issues connecting to the internet. Verify that you have an active internet connection first, then try again. The "myViewBoard.com" domain may have been blocked by your browser's ad blocker. To resolve the issue, disable your browser's ad blocker, or add "myViewBoard.com" to your ad blocker's whitelist. For more information, see the myViewBoard wiki: https://wiki.myviewboard.com/MyViewBoard.com

Why can't I control the playback speed of my video?

Controlling the playback speed of video files encoded in the MPEG-2 format does not work if the system does not have the proper codec installed.  To fix the issue, download and install the 'MPEG-2 Video Extension' from the Microsoft Store before launching the myViewBoard application.

How do I integrate myViewBoard with Google Classroom?

If you need to work with Google Classroom, use myViewBoard Classroom. To access myViewBoard Classroom, sign in to myviewboard.com, and click the myViewBoard Classroom link.  NOTE: This option is available only for accounts under an education entity. myViewBoard Classroom automatically integrates with Google Classroom after signing in with a supported account. myViewBoard Classroom supports two-way sync with Google Classroom. Changes in myViewBoard Classroom are automatically synchronized with your Google Classroom account.   For more details, visit the following link: https://wiki.myviewboard.com/Classroom_Management

After exporting an image on the myViewBoard for Android app, why can't I find my recently exported image on my Android file system?

It's possible that the Android file explorer you are using has not refreshed the contents of the folder where the image has been exported.  If the file explorer supports it, perform a manual refresh of the folder, or force-close and re-open the Android file explorer app again.

What ports are required to be open in your firewall in order to run the myViewBoard ecosystem?

To properly access the myViewBoard ecosystem (including companion apps) on your network, request your IT department to open the following ports: TCP Port 443 (HTTPS): outbound UDP and TCP port 3478 bidirectional to the WebRTC servers UDP Ports 50,000 – 65,535 (RTP/sRTP/RTCP) bidirectional to the WebRTC servers These ports are optional; if blocked, media will be proxied using TURN on port 3478. The WebRTC protocol is actively used in screen sharing. Verify that these ports are open on your network firewall. To check your connectivity status, visit: https://myviewboard.com/cast2/test/index.html

Why can't I receive activation e-mail from myViewBoard.

In order to receive your activation email from "service@myviewboard.com", you should check the following: Check your network connectivity.          Please make sure your network is available to external websites. Check your myViewBoard Windows information and have "Available" status for remote control.  Your junk/spam mail folder         If you see our email in your junk/spam folder, please make sure to mark our email as a safe sender Your mail sever blocked the email         If you are not using your own personal internet connection, our email might be blocked. Please check with your IT Make sure you add our email to your contact list, so that you will not miss other important email from us. If you already checked everything listed above, please contact our customer service.

Which Android versions are supported on the myViewBoard app?

The myViewBoard app supports Android 5.0 and newer

Which iOS versions are supported on the myViewBoard app?

The myViewBoard app supports iOS 9.0 and newer.

What to do if I cannot find a participant in the cast moderation list?

Please follow below instruction to solve the issue: 1. Ask the participant to reconnect again 2. Turn off the casting function and turn it back on again, then ask the participant to reconnect

What to do if a participant's screen can't be seen but only a black screen is visible on myViewBoard for Windows even the participant's in the cast moderation list?

Please follow below instrucitons to solve the issue. 1. Turn off the participant's connection then turn it back on again 2. Ask participant to reconnect

Why do I keep seeing error message "Access denied"?

You may be temporarily experiencing issues connecting to the internet or to our directory service servers.  Please check the following: 1. Make sure you have good Internet connectivity    Check to see if you are able to visit other websites normally (e.g., https://myViewBoard.com) 2. On your computer, disable and then enable the internet connection 3. On your computer, close and then re-open the chrome browser

What's the requirement of network bandwidth to ensure myViewBoard functions smoothly?

The ViewBoard IFP display is based on Android and supports a "Shared" Ethernet connection between the ARM based Android TV Scaler and the x86 Windows slot-in PC, if installed.  There limitation of this is that the slot-in PC will only receive a 100M Ethernet connection even if the Android Platform is receiving 1000M (GB) Ethernet. Please understand this will significantly impact Screen Sharing.  Ethernet was designed for robust delivery of Packets and only 40% of the available Bandwidth is available for payload delivery in an ideal network. 100M = 40M of payload 1000M = 400M of payload If a slot-in PC is installed in a ViewBoard IFP display, it is highly recommended that it has its own hard wired 1GB CAT6 Ethernet connection as this will allow for a significantly better Screen Sharing experience. For high bandwidth applications like Screen Sharing, the use of a Shared Ethernet Mode between Android and Windows is not recommend; they should have their own 1000M GB Ethernet connection via Cat6 Cable or 5G WiFi.

How do I collect and show the PC's information?

Please follow below instruction to get PC information. Open myViewBoard for Windows Click "Settings menu" button Click "?" button Select url "Collect and show the PC's information"

How do I show 3rd party open source library licenses?

Please follow below instruction to get open source library license. Open myViewBoard for Windows Click "Settings menu" button Click "?" button Select url "Show 3rd party open source library licenses"

How do I check the network condition and speed?

Please follow below instruction to see network condition and speed. Open myViewBoard for Windows Click "Settings menu" button Click "?" button Select url "Go to SpeedTest to measure the network condition"

How do I find the help page for myViewBoard?

Please follow below instruciton to see help page. Open myViewBoard for Windows Click "Settings menu" button Click "?" button Select url "Go to myViewBoard.com Help page"

How do I play non-YouTube flash videos in the myViewBoard for Windows browser?

Please follow below instructions to play non-YouTube flash videos. Open myViewBoard for Windows Click "Settings menu" button Click "?" button Select url "Download Adobe Flash Player for myViewBoard browser"

My mouse pointer offset in addons in second screen of chrome extension

Try to disable chrome://flags/#enable-use-zoom-for-dsf

I cannot send my screen to ViewBoard with the Cast In function because of “myViewBoard extension is disabled” alert in Chrome

Since the Chrome extension is an application installed on your Chrome browser, the myViewBoard team will continuously update it in order to provide the best user experience. When you see the orange exclamation point icon (!) in the top right corner of your browser window (as seen below), please click “Accept permission”. After you accept permission you will be able to use the Cast In function.

Get a myViewBoard extension update once it’s available

Normally updates happen in the background when you close and reopen your computer's browser. If you haven't closed your browser in a while, you might see a pending update. To see which updates are available follow the steps below: 1. On your computer, open Chrome. 2. At the top-right, look for the myViewBoard icon. 3. If an update is pending, the icon will be colored:         Eg. Orange means an update is available. To update myViewBoard extension: 1. On your computer, open Chrome. 2. At the top-right, click Accept permission. 3. If you don't see this button, either you're using the latest version or, if not,  you will have to remove myViewBoard extensions and re-install again. 4. Close and open Chrome again The icon will be changed back to a red "my" icon and you will be able to use it.

I saved a recording session on myViewBoard but I can't play the file with Windows10 default media player.

The recorded file is .h264. It is not compatible for Windows 10 default media player. There are three solutions: Open .h264 file within myViewBoard Drag the video file directly into Chrome browser Download VLC media play ( https://www.videolan.org)

Why isn't my myViewBoard account auto logging out after my meeting [using GoToMeeting]?

See if your GoToMeeting app is still operating in the background: Check your hidden icons Right Click on yourGoToMeeting Select Exit Suggested Method: Log out from your myViewBoard account right after your meeting You can check out this video solution: Haven't set up your Auto Log Out Time? Check here.

Why is my video not playing when I import it to myViewBoard?

This may occur when you are importing .mpeg2 files. In order to play .mpeg2 files in myViewBoard for Windows, we need to decode the video. Identify your file: Right click on the video Left Click on Properties Identify your video file format under "Type of file" Download decode package here and ecode your video file after downloading. You will be able to play that in myViewBoard now.

Why is the pre-installed myViewBoard unable to be activated on my Windows?

The best way to solve this issue is to uninstall myViewBoard on your IFP, and then download the latest version on myViewBoard.com. Once you reinstalled the newest myViewBoard, you will be able to activate your myViewBoard.

Why are there multiple myViewBoard Chrome extensions appeared on my Chrome?

The best way to solve this issue is to uninstall myViewBoard extension on your browser, and then download the latest version on Chrome Web Store. Once you reinstalled the newest myViewBoard extension, it will function correctly.

I have bound my cloud storage, but I still can't access them on myViewBoard

Double check your Cloud Storage Authentication, make sure you have bound them correctly. If your cloud storage is still not showing up, check the following: Sign in to your myViewBoard for Windows On the title bar, click Check to see if your cloud services are enabled or disabled Enabled Disabled

What to do if Zoom integration is not working?

If Zoom integration is not working, try re-binding the Zoom account: Sign in to the myViewBoard.com website Click your avatar picture, and click myViewBoard Cloud Integrations. Locate the Zoom entry, and click Unbind. After the process to complete, click the Zoom entry again to rebind. Log in to the myViewBoard for Windows application, and try starting a Zoom meeting. If problems persist, contact customer support. Kindly provide a screenshot of any error messages. For more details about Zoom integration, see the following URL: https://wiki.myviewboard.com/Integrating_with_Zoom

On myViewBoard for Android, why can't I open PDF files with more than 50 pages?

Due to software and hardware restrictions, myViewBoard for Android does not support opening PDF files with more than 50 pages. As a workaround, you can split your original PDF file into multiple separate PDF files with less than 50 pages each. For more information, see https://wiki.myviewboard.com/Magic_Box/Import_Resource. 

The QR Code sharing feature is missing or suddenly disappears

The QR Code sharing feature may sometimes become unavailable. Microsoft OneDrive and OneDrive for Business may occasionally invalidate tokens for security reasons. This is most likely to occur when users request password resets, application token resets, etc. for the affected account.  If this occurs,  perform the following steps:   Sign-in to https://myViewBoard.com.  Go to the Cloud Integration page.   Rebind all affected OneDrive accounts. Note that this is a common and standard practice, and takes place within the Microsoft Office 365 framework with no notice or warnings to third parties such as myViewBoard. For more information about the QR Code sharing feature, see the following page: https://wiki.myviewboard.com/File_Management  

How do I activate myViewBoard for Android

On first run, the android app prompts the user to select the account type to activate.  For a personal account: Click Personal. Provide a myViewBoard account to activate the application. myViewBoard Name Email address to receive the activation email. Specify a Theme. Click Submit. The app may automatically close at this point. Before re-opening the myViewBoard for Android app, go to your email client and activate the account by clicking the link in the activation email. Restart the myViewBoard for Android app, and try signing in. For entity accounts: Click Entity. A QR code will be displayed. Ask an Entity Admin to use his Companion App to activate the application. Close and restart the myViewBoard for Android app, and try signing in. You will need to go through these steps again if the 'Clear data' and "Clear cache' actions was applied to the myViewBoard for Android app.

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