myViewBoard March (2020) Production Release Notes


**MVB Production Release Build:

* v Release Note:

[New Features]

- Add entity dashboard for entity owner and admin

- Support languages for Hindi and Kannada

- Redesign entity request form and add Send function


- Extend Premium trial to 90 days

- In Throw, use the higher size and format limitation of client and host. Guest still has the 10M Image limitation, no matter who the host is.

- Rename "Host Management" as "Instance Management"

- Remove "Entity Agent" feature


- Add a download link of MSI without .NET Framework

- Remove unnecessary permission requests for the users which sign up with Google. These can be requested later when users try to bind Google services.

- Show prompt window about Google service binding when new users sign in with Google accounts

- Redesign last sign-in history to be easier to read

*MVBA v1.13.7 Release Note:

Update version number for OTA mechanism verify.

*MVBA v1.13.6 Release Note:

--Feature adding/Modification/Improvement/UI_UX--


--Bugs fixed--

[Fixed] BUG 15545: Pop Quiz-Answers are not cleared after choosing clearing session icon and saving the sessions

[Fixed] BUG 15555: The OTA process will work before you activate MVBA

*MVBA v1.13.5 Release Notes:

Update version number for OTA mechanism verify.

*MVBA v1.13.4 Release Notes:

--Feature adding/Modification/Improvement/UI_UX--


--Bugs Fixed--

[Fixed] UI_UX 15464: AI pen object-After pasting the grouped AI pen object (Contains other types objects), the AI pen object can be ungrouped

[Fixed] UI_UX 15539: When you open MVBA at the first time, it will not show "New version is available" message

[Fixed] BUG 15432: AI pen object-After pasting the grouped AI pen object, the object cannot be ungrouped

[Fixed] BUG 15538: The APK download process will not start

*MVBA v1.13.3 Release Notes:

Update version number for OTA mechanism verify.

*MVBA v1.13.2 Release Notes:

--Feature adding/Modification/Improvement/UI_UX--

[Modification] When Throw image to open will not change to presentation mode.

[Modification] Import PDF file: object will set Lock enable state.

[Modification] Implement new OTA mechanism.

--Bugs Fixed--

[Fixed] UI_UX 15308: Try to long press on the myViewBoard clip and then you will see the blank menu.

[Fixed] UI_UX 15327: If you throw pdf file and let MVBA to present it immediately, suggest to close all the other menu/dialogue.

[Fixed] UI_UX 15479: QR share-URL share should be closed when QR share is enabled

[Fixed] UI_UX 15482: Please correct the message

[Fixed] UI_UX 15501: Please show warning message when the instance is deactivated.

[Fixed] BUG 15294: ChromeBook - the pictures created by screen shot function cannot display normally on canvas.

[Fixed] BUG 15312: [50-1][70] Can't see myViewBoard clip page

[Fixed] BUG 15324: [50-3] Can't go to myViewBoard clip page.

[Fixed] BUG 15429: Background - if there are not any background settings from FollowMe and the theme setting is myViewBoard default, the set background image will be cleared after login MVB4A

[Fixed] BUG 15440: The text can't show in sticky note setup window

[Fixed] BUG 15474: After saving the session, current session will be cleared.

[Fixed] BUG 15477: Image object upload-Dropbox and Box return to outermost directory will cause crash

Fixed Title Bar button did not show correct state.

Fixed MVBA crash issue: android.os.ServiceSpecificException: connectHelper:924: Illegal argument to HAL module for camera "0"

Fixed MVBA crash issue: java.lang.NullPointerException: Attempt to invoke virtual method 'com.viewsonic.droid.helper.m2 com.viewsonic.droid.MainActivity.T()' on a null object reference

*MVBA v1.13.1 Release Notes:

--Feature adding/Modification/Improvement/UI_UX--

[Feature] Adorner support save image to local drive or cloud drive.

[Feature] [Alpha] Support Sticky Note Function in Stage version. (Basic UI)

--Bugs Fixed--

[Fixed] USER STORY 15072: It will take 1 min to read folder in the USB.

[Fixed] UI_UX 15147: The Group function is supported for the duplicated AI pen object.

[Fixed] UI_UX 15270: Hyperlink - give a grouped object audio hyperlink and play, the audio should stop playing after ungrouping

[Fixed] UI_UX 15293: Can't click "x" to close cast function menu

[Fixed] UI_UX 15308: Try to long press on the myViewBoard clip and then you will see the blank menu.

[Fixed] UI_UX 15320: Please enhance the UI

[Fixed] UI_UX 15327: If you throw pdf file and let MVBA to present it immediately, suggest to close all the other menu/dialogue.

[Fixed] UI_UX 15362: Throw-Throw a image file and present, it should switch to Present mode directly..

[Fixed] BUG 13165: Can't see the export file in local storage

[Fixed] BUG 14649: File list - Modify the file name from the Local folder, MVBA will not be able to get the modified file name(IFP6530)

[Fixed] BUG 15223: Disable Box drive and then login MVBA again, the login process will not complete.

[Fixed] BUG 15227: Can't see the export image

[Fixed] BUG 15294: ChromeBook - the pictures created by screen shot function cannot display normally on canvas.

[Fixed] BUG 15337: [50-3][70] Palm eraser can't work when you move form bottom to top

[Fixed] BUG 15340: [50-1] Can't see the What's news video

[Fixed] BUG 15372: Pop Quiz - After saving files, some pictures cannot be displayed in Dropbox and Box.

[Fixed] Fixed Local drive path has save wrong path. (Press internal will show USB path)

*MVBA v1.13.0 Release Notes:

--Feature adding/Modification/Improvement/UI_UX--

[Feature] Support Host Management for all functions

[Improve] Support Throw to present image file.

--Bugs Fixed--

[Fixed] UI_UX 15228: Save confirmation - after exporting, the save confirmation dialog should still pop when use new file or open old file function

[Fixed] UI_UX 15265: If you save the Pop-Quiz session to the cloud drive which is full, it will not show error message to inform the user the files don't be saved.

[Fixed] UI_UX 15267: Please show confirm message before you new Pop Quiz session.

[Fixed] UI_UX 15325: After login MVBA, the writing acceleration function will be turned off.

[Fixed] BUG 14563: When the audio hyperlink is playing, undo the hyperlink will not stop the audio

[Fixed] BUG 14743: The screen saver shouldn't enable when youtube clip is playing.

[Fixed] BUG 15163: Can't use eraser to clear the object which is link to audio file

[Fixed] BUG 15266: Image - give an image hyperlink, the hyperlink will disappear after fit the image to screen

[Fixed] BUG 15272: Hyperlink - after removing the playing audio hyperlink, the hyperlink icon will not disappear immediately

[Fixed] BUG 15309: When you exit myViewBoard when the youtube/myViewBoard clip exits, myViewBoard will stop working

[Fixed] Fixed 30 series can not open MVBA.

Fixed MVBA crash log issue: java.lang.NullPointerException: Attempt to get length of null array

Fixed MVBA crash log issue: java.lang.NullPointerException: Attempt to write to field 'int com.viewsonic.droid.helper.y0$a.b' on a null object reference

*MVB4W v2.29.2.1 Release Notes:

--Feature adding/Modification/Improvement/UI_UX--


--Bugs Fixed--

[Bug 15514]: Fixed "The background will disappear after you save and open the file if you set a selected picture to be a background image"

[Bug 15522]: Fixed "At the desktop mode, it cannot display any photo taken by Companion app"

[Bug 15510]: Fixed "Turkish .vbaord file can not be saved by myViewBoard for Windows"

[Bug 15505]: Fixed "After changing to another language except Traditional Chinese or English, user may fail to save and open the .vboard file again"

*MVB4W v2.29.2.0 Release Notes:

--Feature adding/Modification/Improvement/UI_UX--

[Feature]: Support Hindi which is one of Indian languages

[Improvement]: OTA process updated, first time if user cant install or choose not to update then it will skip for a day! But the setting dialog can still check the new version.

--Bugs Fixed--

[UI_UX 15513]: Fixed "Page management - When open page management, it should always display the thumbnail of current page in the middle"

[UI_UX 15459]: Fixed "Pressing ALT + F4 after using crop will make some functions invalid or even fall back"

[UI_UX 15453]: Fixed "Picture is too large to use certain features"

[UI_UX 15451]: Fixed "Adorner - after moving the triangle with out circle, the selected border will be abnormal"

[Bug 15470]: Fixed "Editing and opening any vboard file after opening a vboard file will cause MVB4W crash"

[Bug 15449]: Fixed "Table - The new frame has thicker edges than the old frame"

[Bug 15444]: Fixed "Live caption - if say too quickly, the converted texts may cover with the whole screen"

[Bug 15419]: Fixed "Webcam - if plug in two same camera, even if there are two device items appearing, but the images are only from the same one"

[Bug 15374]: Fixed "Shapes - After mirror, the "triangle with circle" color display was wrong."

[Bug 15253]: Fixed "Shapes - if flip the shapes with color, in and out circle, they will be abnormal"

[Bug]: Fixed "after importing a .pdf or .pptx file, the main window may lose its focus. Then, user has to tap the app icon on the system tool bar to bring it front"

[Bug]: Fixed Some MVBW crash issue.

*MVB4W v2.29.1.0 Release Notes:

--Feature adding/Modification/Improvement/UI_UX--

[Improvement]: Fully support new MQTT Command of host management.

[Improvement]: OTA flow update, if user cancel UAC or cancel update it wont notify until next day if the MVBW is running.

[Improvement]: Improved loading time during launch

[Improvement]: Refactor background style and shape style menus

--Bugs Fixed--

[UI_UX 15401]: Fixed "Activate issue - after disabling and enabling the activated status for a host, the icon of screen recorder and audio recorder should display normally"

[Bug 15428]: Fixed "if there is not background setting in FollowMe and the theme setting is myViewBoard default, the current background image will be cleared after signing in"

[Bug 15399]: Fixed "Background - After clicking "Enter" key from keyboard to apply background setting, MVB4W will freeze"

[Bug 15393]: Fixed "Webcam - The webcam will display the same device on the list and the status was wrong."

[Bug 15392]: Fixed "The color of a sticky note on sticky note manager will not be the same with the sticky note on a canvas after undoing changing the color"

[Bug 15388]: Fixed "Android_Throw - Open throw PDF file through Companion APP, MVB4W will force close."

[Bug 15383]: Fixed "Video - the thumbnail displaying of video should not be black after mirroring video"

[Bug 15379]: Fixed "If Compass is too close to the edge, it will not be moved after being flipped "

[Bug 15373]: Fixed "Weird Crash - after importing some vboard files and opening some one vboard file, MVB4W will crash"

[Bug 15369]: Fixed "Live Caption - The "Live Caption" function display enable, but cannot running."

[Bug 15353]: Fixed "Immersive Reader - When playing the "Immersive Reader", press the close icon cannot stop playing voice."

[Bug]: Fixed "path will shift after generated by compass."

[Bug]: Fixed "erase object didn't check erase shape."

[Bug]: Fixed MVBW may crash issue.

*MVB4W v2.29.0.0 Release Notes:

--Feature adding/Modification/Improvement/UI_UX--

[Feature][Alpha]: Support language Kannada which is one of India languages

[Modification]: User can use Immersive Reader without signing in, because there are many users keep asking about it

[Modification]: Live Caption can be used under any mode (preparation, presentation and desktop modes)

[Modification]: Use another 3rd party color picker which has "eye dropper" functionality

[Modification]: It will not add any myViewBoard Original Content background image into the user defined background folder, after a user drags and drops an Original Content background onto a canvas

--Bugs fixed--

[UI_UX 15277]: Fixed "Dice tool - suggest to make the transparency adjusting bar disappear after releasing mouse click or touching up"

[UI_UX 15258]: Fixed "Sticky note - the hot key function should not be able to work on sticky note"

[UI_UX 15256]: Fixed "Connector - hot key function should not be able to work on mind mapping connector"

[UI_UX 15243]: Fixed "Object - the locked objects should be able to be used hot keys"

[UI_UX 15242]: Fixed "Object - the objects should not be able to work on hot keys if they are inserted in table"

[UI_UX 15224]: Fixed "When you in present mode and throw PPT file to MVBW, it will become prepare mode."

[UI_UX 15154]: Fixed "Hot Key - The main toolbar should be extended the first time after changing to desktop, using hot key and click the extending icon"

[UI_UX 15302]: Fixed "If the picture is too large and too close to the edges, you will not see the "Complete Edit" or "Cancel Edit" icon after using the color removal feature."

[UI_UX 14914]: Fixed "Table - please don't make table be able to be skewed"

[Bug 15306]: Fixed "Shapes - myViewBoard cannot support display GIF type shapes, but MVB4W can display GIF type shapes."

[Bug 15305]: Fixed "Import box- When press the "Box" cloud storage, the window will refresh folder content many times."

[Bug 15260]: Fixed "OTA - the OTA reminding dialog will pop if the OTA function is disabled from instance profile setting in host management"

[Bug 15225]: Fixed "Throw a PPTX file in Desktop mode and present it, it will be switched to presentation mode."

[Bug 15216]: Fixed "Keyboard control - Use keyboard control objects down, the objects will up."

[Bug 15204]: Fixed "Google Calendar - the contacts data and status will be kept even if use other account to loginMVB4W"

[Bug 15134]: Fixed "The "Pop Quiz" answers cannot be saved successfully when there are more than one answers from a student"

[Bug 15032]: Fixed "Shape - Sector shape change line thickness, the angle will display on wrong location"

[Bug]: Fixed import files may error.

[Bug]: Fixed some MVBW crash issue.

*Companion Android/iOS v2.7.3

--Feature adding/Modification/Improvement/UI_UX--

[Feature] Language support: Hindi

[Improve] PopQuiz: Disable "Selection" button if there is no image or text on canvas

--Bugs fixed--

[Fix] BUG 15435 Android_Throw - The Android Camera cannot throw image success.

[Fix] BUG 15436 Android_Throw - Press "throw" icon many times on the image edit mode, Companion will throw many times the same images to the host.

[Fix] Android: Can not throw "*.tiff" file

[Fix] Throw: Always show loading dialog if user not allow Companion access to Photos or camera

[Fix] Crash of NullPointerException (collected by GooglePlay Console)

*Companion Android/iOS v2.7.2

--Feature adding/Modification/Improvement/UI_UX--

Add AppCenter analytics to collect user's behavior

[Improve] Throw: Check user permission of both sender and receiver before throwing

--Bugs fixed--

[Fix] Throw: Can not display thumbnail of image with Chinese file name on iOS

[Fix] Throw: Can not present edited image

*Companion Android/iOS v2.7.1

--Feature adding/Modification/Improvement/UI_UX--

[Implement] USER STORY 15140 Add Camera function to Throw and Present

[Implement] USER STORY 14701 Allow host to directly throw objects on to canvas through mobile app

[Improve] Throw: Display error message about host permission and support types

--Bugs fixed--

[Fix] Throw: Can not support edited image on iOS 13

*Screen Recorder v1.5.1

Update version number for OTA mechanism verify.

*Screen Recorder v1.5.0

--Feature adding/Modification/Improvement/UI_UX--

[Modification] Implement channel settings for: IFP, OPEN, STORE.

--Bugs fixed--

[Fixed] BUG 15824: After you plug the USB, the file browser can't show immediately

MVB March Production Release Note.txt
Last modified: 2020/03/11

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