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We’ve built monitors for over 30 years. From CRT tech to the first 1ms LCD monitors, there’s a good chance you gamed on us first. ViewSonic ELITE continues that legacy, taking our gaming products in a new direction and breaking even more barriers. Make the switch today to elevate your gaming experience from average to ELITE.

  • 1990

    1st CRT monitor on the market

  • 2005

    1st 2ms response time monitor

  • 2008

    1st 120Hz 3D 22” widescreen display

  • 2010

    1st 27” 1ms response time monitor

  • 2019

    Launch of ViewSonic ELITE


Our products and partnerships are designed to reinvent the gaming experience, while positively impacting the gaming community. Esports, modders, speedrunners, LAN party enthusiasts – we believe each gamer is an expert in their realm – and we respect that.

Gamer-Centric Design

  • - 4K Ultra HD resolution
  • - 240Hz refresh rate
  • - Black stabilization feature
  • - FreeSync and G-Sync models
  • - HDR10 compatibility
  • - 1ms response time
  • - Enhanced audio
  • - Blue light filter

Committed to the Community


We’ve collaborated with several key partners to provide an unparalleled gaming experience. Simply connect your monitor directly to your current RGB ecosystem with no additional software required.

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