ViewPad 7. It's All about YOU.

Dual Webcams, Double the Fun

Two webcams are installed on both the sides of light and stylish 7" screen. Whether is be video conferencing or augemented reality the ViewPad 7 has options. With 3.0MP image quality and auto-focus lens allow you to be a professional photographer or a director anytime you feel inspired.

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Share the Fun instantaneously

With ViewPad 7, you can update your status on Facebook, comment on friend’s pictures and also share the pictures through mobile upload to Picasa web album.

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Smart Guide

Built in GPS/AGPS, Google Maps and advanced navigation software help you find the best way to the destination.

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Integration Master

Carry your office around with style. Featuring 3G HSDPA and Android OS 2.2 system, ViewPad 7 is a smart work centre.

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Find Your Style in Android Market

With support of over 100 thousands of apps and software, you can easily set a digital platform in your own style and fully explore the possibilities of ViewPad 7 at your hand.

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Smart Innovation

ViewPad 7 is everything a computer, game center and an e-book, which helps you get instantly updated with events in the world and lives of the people you care.

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Smart Mobility

With the popular Android Market as your database, you have access to thousands of smart software that helps you work and makes life worth a while. ViewPad 7 is your best sidekick on the road.

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Sharing Your Life and Ideas

ViewPad brings the world at your fingertips and helps you build an interactive social network, you can always find out what’s going on with your friends and give instant feedbacks.

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