• User-friendly interface
  • Automatic Handwriting Recognition
  • Supports Multiple File Types
  • Screen Camera
  • Split screen mode


ViewSonic® ViewBoard® Interactive Annotation Software is an easy-to-use annotation software solution designed specifically for interactive displays and whiteboards. ViewBoard® Interactive Annotation Software lets users write, highlight, edit, and transform documents and images on-screen in real-time – leveraging interactive displays to create more engaging presentations in the boardroom, and interactive lessons in the classroom. Support for all major document and multimedia files enables you to write, highlight, edit, and transform text files, spreadsheets, images, movie files, and more for incredibly productive and interactive presentations. An integrated screen camera feature lets you record and capture every tap, pinch, and swipe on the screen, as well as any speech from a microphone input—then save, share, and playback the recorded presentation with ease. ViewBoard® Interactive Annotation Software is the ideal annotation software solution that encourages group collaboration and interactivity in both education and enterprise environments.
User Friendly Interface


Featuring an easy-to-use interface, this software lets you write, highlight, edit, and transform documents and images on-screen in real-time. What’s more, a simple two-finger hot key provides instant and easy access to the toolbar.

Simple & Intuitive
Write, highlight, edit
User Friendly Interface
Automatic Handwriting Recognition

Automatic Handwriting

This software features user-friendly handwriting recognition that reads and recognizes nearly everything written on-screen with your fingers or styluses.

Write, Don’t Type
Cursive & print
Automatic Handwriting Recognition

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