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At ViewSonic, we are devoted to customer satisfaction and committed to positive relationships with every company and individual with whom we do business. We strive to understand your questions and concerns, and treat you with respect, courtesy and consideration. ViewSonic's customer and technical support are available Monday through Friday 6 AM to 8 PM Pacific Standard Time.

Review the Quick Start Guide and User Guide to answer most of your initial set up questions.

ViewSonic's online support is a virtual technical support assistant that can answer your product questions. If our virtual support assistant is unable to answer your inquiry, you will be given the opportunity to contact ViewSonic by phone at Toll Free Lines United States: 800-688-6688/Canada: 866-463-4775 or e-mail us by completing the form below.

If you want to bypass this self-help assistant, you may select a contact form in English, French, or Spanish and an agent will respond on average within 24 hours in the language you selected. Please choose a form to contact us by clicking the links below.