Go Green with ViewsonicGo Green with ViewsonicGo Green with Viewsonic
Go Green with ViewsonicGo Green with Viewsonic
Go Green with Viewsonic
ViewSonic helps you save energy and money while helping the environment.
ViewSonic builds energy saving features into all of our products. Here's how you can save energy and money now.
  • ViewSonic offers some of the lowest power usage monitors on the market
  • These monitors use up to 60% less electricity than standard models
  • Save up to $20 per year on energy costs per monitor. Calculate your savings today.
  • All ViewSonic LCD TVs have energy saving features like auto-sleep
  • Most are RoHS compliant
  • LCD TVs use up to 40% less electricity than a like size Plasma TV
  • All ViewSonic projectors have energy saving features ENERGY STAR
  • Eco-mode Auto-sleep
    Most ViewSonic DLP® projectors are RoHS compliant
  • All our digital signage products are RoHS compliant
  • All ViewSonic digital signage products use LCD technology
    which uses up to
    40% less energy
    than plasma displays

ViewSonic Corporate Initiatives

Green Energy. We use 17% green energy to power our corporate headquarters. This includes:

  • Wind
  • Solar
  • Biomass
  • Small hydropower
  • Geothermal

ViewSonic employs a number of energy saving features including

  • Motion activated lighting
  • Zone controlled heating and cooling