• Imágenes grande en espacios pequeños
  • All-in-One Interactive Solution
  • vBoard interactive software
  • Optional Qwizdom Oktopus Software
  • SuperColor: excelente precisión de color


With out-of-the-box interactivity and an ultra-short throw lens, the ViewSonic® PS750W WXGA projector delivers a complete interactive solution perfect for any classroom. Featuring an embedded camera, along with an included laser curtain module and wall mount kit, the PS750W offers a low-cost, big picture alternative to interactive whiteboards and displays. An ultra-short throw lens enables the projector to be placed just inches away from a wall or screen, making it flexible enough to be ceiling-mounted or simply placed on the tabletop. ViewSonic’s easy-to-use vBoard software lets users write, highlight, edit, and transform documents and images on-screen in real-time. PortAll™, a neatly designed and enclosed HDMI/MHL dongle compartment, features an integrated micro USB cable for easy charging – allowing teachers to present interesting lesson content via wireless dongles and PC sticks. For a complete, all-in-one interactive projection solution, the PS750W delivers everything you need for immersive and engaged learning in the classroom.

SuperColor: excelente precisión de color

La tecnología SuperColor patentada de ViewSonic cuenta con una exclusiva rueda de colores de 6 segmentos y capacidades dinámicas de control de lámpara, que proporcionan una amplia gama de colores e imágenes increíblemente hermosas.

6 segmentos
Círculo cromático

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1280 x 800

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1,43 – 1,97 pies / 0,436 – 0,601 m

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