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Hello, Finch Club Members! This month, ViewSonic will be at XChange in Orlando, FL where we’ll be showcasing our award-winning smart displays, as well as our intuitive touch displays, our cloud-enabled thin and zero client devices, and our better and brighter projector line. If you’re planning on attending the show, stop by our table and discover how our solutions can fit your needs.

In March, we are also continuing our SPIF contest where you’ll have the chance to win $3,000 in CASH! As always, we have a great selection of SPIFs, instant rebates and special deals for our Finch Club partners. Visit www.finchclub.com to start earning your reward points and growing your business today.

Sales Rep: ViewSonic Inside Sales Email: salesinfo@viewsonic.com Phone: (888) 881-8781
Q1 Finch Club SPIF Contest

It Pays to Partner with ViewSonic
Submit your SPIFs for a chance to win ViewSonic product. This month you will have a chance to win a ViewSonic monitor. ViewSonic will also be awarding $3,000 CASH to rep with the highest SPIF claims!

Congratulations to our January winner Seth Loranger from More Direct.

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ViewPoint Blog

Get tips, follow trends and learn what's new in the industry. Log on to ViewPoint™, the ViewSonic blog to interact with your peers and join the conversation.

How OPS Technology is Going to Change the Digital Signage Ecosystem
The face of digital signage is rapidly changing, and its advancements in technology are pushing progression right along. OPS architecture ties the digital signage ecosystem together with standardized interoperable hardware interface to drive effective component design, development and simplified integration complexity for lower implementation, deployment and management costs. An initiative from Intel®, OPS is a new technology concept that emerged about a year ago. The OPS architecture modularizes the development of digital signage display panels and media players … Continue reading here.

Digital Signage Content: How to Drive Customer Engagement Without Your Message Being Received As Visual Spam
Interactivity and content were two large themes that came out of this year’s Digital Signage Expo (DSE) tradeshow. While the physical signage technology you choose is important, display solutions are only as good at spurring customer interaction as the content your company is promoting. With so many mediums vying for customers’ attention, it’s easy for your well-intended message to be received as nothing more than visual spam. The good news, however, is that creating sticky and engaging content is easier than retailers think these days if they stick this panel’s simple guidelines … Continue reading here.

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Capitalize on the Cloud Webcast

Watch ViewSonic’s on demand webcast with UBM for a comprehensive discussion on desktop virtualization. Discover how cloud-enabled thin and zero client devices can increase security, reliability, and scalability, while ultimately providing a lower TCO. Learn hot to quickly and easily deploy virtual desktops across the entire enterprise with ViewSonic’s complete range of Thin and Zero Smart Client devices.

Also, be sure to mark your calendar for next month’s webinar sessions on April 23rd & 24th for our new SD-Z225 cloud-enabled Zero Client Monitor. ViewSonic will show you how an embedded Zero Client display can further enhance TCO, productivity, and security in a VMware virtual desktop environment.

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New Products


VG2039M-LED: The ViewSonic® VG2039m-LED is a 20” (19.5” visible) widescreen display ideal for demanding business professionals. With a native 1600x900 resolution, the VG2039m-LED delivers vibrant images and crisp text. Users can also find comfort in the display’s fully ergonomic height adjust, swivel, and tilt features. Versatile input options, including DisplayPort, DVI-D, and VGA, provide flexible connectivity for multitasking. Equipped with a VESA-mountable design, the display can be mounted on a wall or any VESA-compliant monitor stand. The thin bezel design, coupled with hidden stereo speakers, makes the VG2039m-LED a space-saving option for the desktop. In addition to saving space, the VG2039m-LED also saves up to 50% in energy usage with its efficient LED backlight. With ViewSonic’s industry-best pixel performance guarantee, and a 3-year warranty, the VG2039m-LED provides users with peace of mind.

Projector Accessory

RLC-082: PJD8353S, PJD8653WS replacement lamp module.

Visit www.FinchClub.com for complete specifications.

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New ViewSonic Program

ProSeries Authorized Reseller Program

Not ProSeries authorized? Get approved to receive exclusive access and competitive pricing on our ProSeries projectors, large format displays, commercial TVs, large format touch and specialty, large format ePosters, digital signage product and media players. Sign up and get approved today!

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Instant Rebates

Valid March 4 – 31, 2013


  • VA2212M-LED: $10
  • VA2231WM-LED: $10
  • VA2251M-LED: $10
  • VG2228WM-LED: $20
  • VX2250WM-LED: $10
  • VX2253MH-LED: $20
  • VA2431WM: $10
  • VG2428WM: $20
  • VG2428WM-LED: $20
  • VG2436WM-LED: $20
  • VG2437MC-LED: $30
  • VG2439M-LED: $10
  • VX2450WM-LED: $10
  • VX2460H-LED: $10
  • VG2732m-LED: $20
  • VX2753MH-LED: $20
  • VP2765-LED: $50
  • VP2770-LED: $100


  • PJD5123: $40
  • PJD5126: $20
  • PJD5133: $15
  • PJD5223: $50
  • PJD6223: $15
  • PJD6243: $30
  • PJD6253: $25
  • PJD6353S: $25
  • PJD6383S: $25
  • PJD6553w: $50

Projector Peripherals:

  • WPG-360: $40

Touch Displays:

  • TD2220: $30
  • TD2340: $30
  • TD2420: $30

All-in-One PCs:

  • VPC221B_7PUS_M1: $40

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Special $10 Rebate

Receive a $10 rebate on our VA2251m-LED and VA2451m-LED. Valid December 31, 2012 - March 31, 2013.

Please reference claim number 121217-IR-USDISTY-01. Not stackable with SPAs. Please see your distribution rep for exclusion list.

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Mail-in Rebates
Buy 10 Get a Free Projector Lamp Promotion
When your customers buy 10 qualifying projectors, we’ll ship them a FREE projector lamp - up to $399 MSRP Savings! Valid January 1 - March 31, 2013

Qualifying projectors: PJD5123, PJD5132, PJD5133, PJD5134, PJD5223, PJD5232, PJD5233, PJD5234, PJD5353, PJD5523w, PJD5533w, PJD6235, PJD6243, PJD6245, PJD6253, PJL6233, PJL6243, PJD6353s, PJD6383s, PJD6543w, PJD6553w, PJD6683ws, PJL9371 Pro8300, Pro8400, Pro8450w, Pro8500, Pro8520HD, Pro8600

See www.FinchClub.com for mail-in rebate details.

Free Screen

Free Screen Free Elite Projector Screen Promotion
Your customers can receive a FREE Elite Screen & Mount (or screen only) via mail-in rebate when they buy a PJD5123, PJD5132, PJD5133, PJD5134, PJD5223, PJD5232, PJD5233, PJD5234, PJD5353, PJD5523w, PJD5533w, PJD6223, PJL6233, PJD6235, PJL6243, PJD6243, PJD6245, PJD6253, PJD6345, PJD6353s, PJD6383s, PJD6543w, PJD6544w, PJD6553w, PJD6683ws, PJD7333, PJD7533w, Pro8200. Promotion valid January 1 – March 31, 2013.

Shipping charges will apply in the contiguous US ($76) & AK & HI ($120). Download rebate information on www.FinchClub.com.

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Demo Specials

ViewSonic is offering demo specials on the following products.
Valid March 4 - March 31, 2013.

Product Special Demo Price
VA2251m-TAA $ 139
VG2239m-TAA $ 159
VG2439m-TAA $ 189
VA2451m-TAA $ 169
VG2437MC-LED $ 219
Touch Displays
TD2220 $ 219
TD2340 $ 449
TD2420 $ 249
Thin/Zero Clients
SC-T35_BK_US_0 $ 149
SC-T45_BK_US_0 $ 279
SC-Z55_BK_US_0 $ 219
Large Format Displays
CDP3235 $ 415
CDP4235 $ 629
CDP4237-L $ 729
CDP4635 $ 759
CDP4737-L $ 890
CDP5537-L $ 1299
CDX5550-L $ 4349
CDE6501LED $ 1825
PJD5234 $ 399
PJD5533w $ 439
PJD6245 $ 449
PJD6543w $ 499
Pro9000 $ 2299

Place your orders on www.FinchClub.com today.

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March 1 - 31, 2013 earn ViewSonic Finch Club reward points by selling the following products:


  • PLED-W200: 2,000
  • PLED-W500: 2,000
  • PJD5126: 1,000
  • PJD5132: 1,000
  • PJD5134: 1,000
  • PJD5232: 1,000
  • PJD5234: 1,000
  • PJD5523w: 3,000
  • PJD5533w: 2,000
  • PJD6235: 2,000
  • PJD6243: 4,000
  • PJD6245: 4,000
  • PJD6253: 4,000
  • PJD6353s: 2,000
  • PJD6383s: 4,000
  • PJD6543w: 2,000
  • PJD6553w: 4,000
  • PJD6683ws: 4,000
  • PJD7820HD: 2,000
  • PJD8353s: 4,000
  • PJD8653ws: 4,000
  • Pro8300: 4,000
  • Pro8400: 8,000
  • Pro8450w: 8,000
  • Pro8500: 8,000
  • Pro8520HD: 8,000
  • Pro8600: 8,000
  • Pro9000: 8,000
  • Pro9500: 8,000
  • PJL9371: 10,000


  • VA705-LED: 600
  • VG732M-LED: 1000
  • VG932M: 1,000
  • VG932M-LED: 1,000
  • VG1932WM-LED: 1,000
  • VG2028WM: 1,000
  • VA2232WM-LED: 1,000
  • VG2239M-TAA: 600
  • VA2251M-TAA: 600
  • VP2365-LED: 1,600
  • VG2428WM: 1,000
  • VG2436WM-LED: 1,000
  • VG2439M-LED: 1,000
  • VG2439M-TAA: 1,000
  • VA2451M-TAA: 600
  • VG2437mc-LED: 1,000
  • VG2732M-LED: 1,000
  • VP2765-LED: 1,600
  • VP2770-LED: 1,600

Touch Displays:

  • TD2220: 2,000
  • TD2340: 3,000
  • TD2420: 3,000


  • VPC191B_7PUS_M1: 2,000
  • VPC221B_7PUS_M1: 2,000
  • VOT133B_7PUS_01: 1,000
  • SC-T35_BK_US_0: 600
  • SC-T45_BK_US_0: 600
  • SC-T55_BK_US_0: 600

Large Format Displays:

  • CDP4235: 4,000
  • CDP4635: 4,000
  • CDP6530: 6,000
  • CDP4237-L: 4,000
  • CDP4737-L: 4,000
  • CDP5537-L: 4,000
  • CDX5550-L: 6,000


  • EP4610: 10,000
  • EP4610T: 10,000
  • EP5502: 10,000
  • EP5502T: 10,000


  • VT1901LED: 2,000
  • VT2405LED: 2,000
  • VT2755LED: 3,000
  • VT3255LED: 3,000

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April 30, 2013 at 11:59 PM CST is the deadline to submit March‘13 claims on www.FinchClub.com

Questions? If you have questions regarding the ViewSonic Rewards Point Program please contact the ViewSonic Rewards Team at spifquestions@viewsonic.com or 1-866-222-9077.

Terms and Conditions
Program, selections, offers and programs may vary by country. Program, promotion, specification and availability are subject to change without notice. See your ViewSonic Representative for complete details. Cannot be combined with any other offers. SPAs are not stackable. Void where prohibited. Corporate names and trademarks specified herein are the property of their respective companies. Copyright © 2013 ViewSonic Corporation. All rights reserved.

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